House Rules

Races: high or wood elf, dwarf, gnome, human, halfling, half-elf, half-orc. If you really want to run another race that could pass as one of the allowed races, let me know and I'll think about it, but no guarantees. I do this because of how I see my world working. For example there are trolls in my world, but the non-evil ones were killed and eaten long ago.  Perhaps multiple times over the course of months or years, much like troll sour dough bread.

Racial Ability Adjustments: use the options from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything for ability scores – for example if your chosen race gets a +2 and a +1 to ability scores you can apply them to any ability score.

PC Creation: Start a character off with standard 27 point buy. No evil characters please. I prefer running a heroic campaign, and I'd prefer good aligned characters … or at least neutral characters with an altruistic streak. In addition, don't play a jerk. D&D is a cooperative game, not PVP.

DndBeyond: Please use my account for creating and maintaining characters, a link will be included with the campaign info.

Stat adjustment items: Items that adjust Stats (strength, int, etc) work a little differently than listed in the book; they add to your base ability instead of replacing it but the max is also increased by 1. For example, Gauntlets of Ogre Power add +2 to your strength (max 20), they don't change it to 19. Any item that have a maximum score of 20 or less do not require attunement.  Items that can increase above 20 still require attunement.  See  Purchasing Costs for details.

Death and Dying: There is a cost to dying in my world. Most NPCs can't be raised from the dead. This is a world where even gods can die. When people die, there is a very short timeframe when their soul is traveling through Nifleheim. Once in their final destination (whether Valhalla, Helheim or other) they cannot return. If a PC dies and is raised, there will probably be consequences that have to be dealt with. Exact details will be dealt with in-game (although perhaps not in the same game session the PC is raised in) and won't be meta-game penalties but repercussions that have to be dealt with by the PCs.

Paladin Mounts: As written, paladin mounts are useful when you first get them but die quickly at higher levels.  To give them a bit more durability, they gain HP equal to the PC's level.  In addition, their proficiency bonus (and therefore chance to hit) increases at the same rate as the PC.

Other minor changes 

  • Bag of Holding: require an action to retrieve an item.
  • Bows: you can use either strength or dex, they are finesse weapons.
  • Healing Potions: you can drink a healing potion as a bonus action to roll to the healing, roll for healing as normal.  If you use an action to drink the potion you heal the maximum amount. Outside of combat, healing potions heal the maximum amount.
  • Heat Metal: while targeting armor will cause damage, it does not cause disadvantage. Armor is not a single piece of metal.
  • Heward's Handy Haversack: retrieve items as normal.
  • Purchasing magic items: there is a base  price list, but magic is sold through brokers and items may or may not be available.  Check first, actual cost may vary.
  • Teleportation Circle: You do not automatically know any sigils, sigil patterns are a closely guarded secret.  
  • Teleportation: Several places have guards against teleportation beyond just the normal chance of failure. Use at your own risk.
  • Tiny Hut: You can't attack anything outside the hut from inside the hut. Going in or out of the hut takes half your movement.
  • Thrown weapons: you can draw them for free and throw multiple every turn.  I assume you have either a bandolier or quiver of some sort to hold them.

Final Note: I view a home campaign as a shared world. I have a set framework of how the world works and I have a good idea of what different factions and powers are doing. How the characters interact with the world and change the course of those factions and powers is up to the PCs.

House Rules

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