Thunder Mountain Dwarven History

From before the modern calendar was accepted, there was a single

From before the modern calendar was accepted, there was a single dwarven kingdom that stretched the entire length of the Thunder Mountains.

Ruled by two royal families that established keeps at the northern and southern reaches of the mountains. In Ak’Dakkar to the north the Stonehammer family ruled, to the south in Kel Kalduhr the Bryndrakk family ruled. The only restriction was that there could be no inter-marrying between the two families so that neither the ruling families ever gained too much power.

A council met every decade in Dronkarrag which was in roughly the center of the kingdom. Every 10 years (once a century) the council met for 5 years to ensure that both sides were still cooperating with one another.

During one of these extended meetings, Borem Stonehammer (of Kar’Darvim line in Ak’Dakkar) met and fell in love with Ofarra Rosemetal (of Bryndrakk line in Kel Kalduhr). They decided to renounce their right to the throne and marry as both royal families had a clear line of succession. They married in 489.

In 536, dragons rose up and tried to control the Thunder mountains. While they were eventually defeated in 660, the Thunder Mountain kingdom was shattered, the southern capital of Kel Kalduhr was lost.

In 872 The dwarves of Dronkarrag (Thunder Mountain Clan) are corrupted by a creature that had originated from the outer planes and eventually psionically controlled most of the clan. The corruption of the Dwarves at Dronkarrag was ended by a group of adventurers (led by Kalistar of Quag’s Keep) in 983.

However, there was a lingering taint of evil on some of the members of the Thunder Mountain Clan, and a small contingent of dwarves led Dwain Thunderstone joined forces with the Lich Lord, turning their backs on the rest of the dwarven clans.

Dwain perished when he led the remnants of the Lich Lord’s army into the heart of the High Forest in 1085 but his children Dwinna and Durbar continued his evil ways.

In 1101, Kendric and Shar Stonerose establish a new Keep in a valley adjacent to the Thunder Rift. They call it the Golden Eagle Keep and also established the Golden Eagle Academy

In 1212, the Thunder Rift Clan was destroyed by a great earthquake.

In 1219, The remaining survivors of the earthquake of the Thunder Rift Clan bless a new cave near the old one. King Rogi and Queen Elda Axeforger, son and daughter in law of the king killed in the earthquake assume the new throne.

Thunder Mountain Dwarven History

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